8 Best Cash Envelope Wallets To Get Budgeting Under Control

Ready to get smart about how you budget your money? Then it’s time to use the envelope budgeting method—a simple, systematic way of saving money by dividing your income into different spending categories.

And the easiest way to introduce envelope budgeting is a budget binder with envelopes—or, if you prefer, a cash envelope wallet. This is a type of wallet that comes with various envelopes and sections built into the wallet. That way, you never need to guess where your cash can go. The wallet takes care of that for you.

Of course, there are several types of wallets to choose from. The good news is we found the best wallets on Amazon so you don’t have to. Here are a few options for the best cash envelope wallet based on your priorities.

1. Cash Envelope Notebook Wallet

If you’re looking for a good basic wallet to get started, the Cash Envelope Notebook Wallet is a fantastic choice. It offers a little bit of everything for newbie envelope budgeters.

Like 12 budget envelopes that fit easily into the wallet. Or 12 budgeting sheets for easy access to your number crunching, plus 14 sticker labels so you always know what’s what.

As the name implies, this wallet functions like a budget binder, but in wallet form. It’s big enough to hold a phone and has plenty of space for cards and a checkbook.

2. Hommie All-in-One Cash Envelope Wallet

For a humble but functional cash envelope wallet, turn to the Hommie All-in-One wallet, which prioritizes utilitiarian performance and simplicity.

The wallet offers 12 sturdy envelopes to store your cash, plus a cute pouch to keep them together. The biggest downside is that the pouch is simply that—a pouch, without any added storage for things like cards, a checkbook, or your phone. Also, Hommie isn’t huge on style.

But for under $20, it’s an easy, cheap, highly functional system.

3. Slim Budget Envelopes Wallet

If you’re a big fan of raised divider tabs as an organizational tool for the full benefits of budgeting, the Slim Budget Envelopes wallet is a great choice. We like to call it the queen of compartmentalization.

This wallet is smaller than many of the other wallets on this list, with space for just six budget categories. But for organization, it can’t be beat. It offers super easy tab labeling (sort of like file folder labels) that are easy to read when you open the wallet, plus plenty of space for cards and a zippered pocket for coins.

Oh, and did we mention it includes RFID-blocking technology? So if you’re looking for identity protection on the go, this wallet has you covered.

4. Dave Ramsey Wallet

Dave Ramsey is a huge proponent of the envelope budget system, and his wallet is a well-made option for Ramsey fans looking to adopt his method.

This wallet looks like a classic leather wallet, but it comes with eight paper cash management envelopes. If you lose any, you can easily order replacements. Plus, it has storage space for receipts, cards, change, and even a memo pad—everything you might need to keep your budget on track.

5. Bella Taylor Cash System Wallet

Bella Taylor is another popular brand, and when you research the Bella Taylor Cash System Wallet, you’ll understand why.

If you weren’t a fan of Dave Ramsey’s paper envelopes, Bella Taylor has you covered. This wallet relies on eight built-in compartments in the place of envelopes, all easy to label based on your budget priorities. Plus, it offers space for six cards, a checkbook, a pen, and two window slots for IDs.

If you already have a budget binder and are looking for a wallet to complement it, this one is a fan favorite.

6. Bveyzi RFID Blocking Wallet

Who says putting cash in envelopes is limited to days at home? With the Bveyzi wallet, you can take your cash envelope wallet system for long-term travel.

Seriously—this wallet can fit your passport, a checkbook, and an iPhone 8. Then there are two accordion-style slots for your cash envelopes, plus 17 (yes, really) card slots with RFID-blocking technology.

The one downside of a wallet that fits so much is that it’s bulky to carry around. If you don’t carry a large purse, this wallet might feel like a nuisance.

7. Soligt All-In-One Cash Envelopes Wallet

Want to bring together your planner and your cash envelope wallet? The Soligit All-in-One is ready for action.

This wallet can hold 12 cash envelopes secured by notebook rings like a planner. Plus, there are 12 budget sheets to help you keep track of what you spent (also secured and easy to flip through). Of course, there’s also plenty of slots for your cards and a zippered coin pouch.

This one is also a winner in the style department, with a chic black leather exterior that belies what a workhorse it is.

8. Hilinker Envelope Clutch

If you’re not big on leather and want a vegan-friendly alternative, we’d like to introduce you to the Hilinker Envelope Clutch. It’s made of vegan-friendly PU leather, and because the wallet isn’t leather, it retails for half of what some of the wallets go for.

Of course, those aren’t the only advantages going for it. It’s also a highly functional cash envelope system, with plenty of space to store your cash envelopes and cards.

Got Your Budget Binder with Envelopes? Time for Smart Money Decisions!

Once you find the right budget binder with envelopes, it’s that much easier to take charge of budgeting.

For everything that comes after, we’re here to help, with informative blog posts that teach you everything you need to know about budgeting. We do the homework so you don’t have to. Make sure to check out our blog for more great budgeting ideas, like the four best budgeting apps for all kinds of budgeters.