50 Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make An Extra $1000 Per Month

Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make An Extra $1000 Per Month

One of the best ways to increase your income is to start a side hustle.

Making an extra $5000 or even $1000 a month can be so helpful and even life changing. There are so many ways to make money that there is no reason to be stuck in your financial goals. Making extra money can:

  • help pay off debt
  • make an emergency fund
  • increase your savings faster
  • give peace of mind
  • create financial freedom

These are no fluff potential ways you can make a solid thousand or more per month. While doing survey’s can certainly bring in an extra chunk of money, spending your time on things that will actually bring a good amount of money is a much better way to spend your time.

So, if you’re going to put in the work in anyway, here are great side hustle ideas to get started with.

Disclaimer: We may use affiliate links from which we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. However, all of the opinions are our own and everything we recommend is for our goal of helping improve the financial life of our readers. Read more in our Disclaimer.

1. Blogging

Blogging Side Hustle Ideas and Ways To Make 1000 Or More Per Month

The great thing about blogging is that it requires a very minimal initial investment but the earning potential can be very big. All you need to get started is purchase hosting and a domain name. (With Bluehost you get your first domain free). Of course, it comes with a lot of upfront work.

Learning about how to set up and maintain your own website, writing blog posts, getting people to your site, and eventually figuring out how to monetize your blog are all part of making money with a blog.

There are several different ways to monetize your blog. Putting ads on your site, affiliate marketing and selling your own products are some of the most popular ways to make money.

Blogging incomes really depend on how much effort you put into producing quality content, marketing and monetizing. The top bloggers earn well over 7 figures each year so use that as motivation to get your own blog started.

If you’re wanting to get started, there are many posts and resources about how to start a blog. If you don’t mind investing into your success, the best source of knowledge that has made many six and seven figure bloggers is the course, Elite Blog Academy.

It will take some time to see a return on your investment but if you’re willing to put in the work and time, the hard work will be much worth it.

2. Amazon

Amazon is made up highly of individual sellers selling inventory. That means there are thousands of people making money on Amazon.

To get started with Amazon, you will need to figure out how to source your inventory. You can purchase from retail stores, called retail arbitrage, wholesale suppliers, or manufacture your own products.

The best thing about this platform, is that once you get your product, you can send it to the Amazon warehouse where they store it. When it sells, they will do all the work shipping it out for you.

The Selling Family makes six figures selling on Amazon and they have created a free starter course to help navigate Amazon FBA. This post is also great to help you know more about everything that you need to get started on Amazon.

3. EBay

A unique marketplace, eBay is different in the way that people will buy almost anything on there. From vintage collectibles to quirky items to name brands, eBay has a market for it all.

That means that the cost to start an eBay business is very small. More than likely, you have way over a thousand dollars’ worth of things around your house that you could sell.

List a few of your items and get familiar with selling on eBay. Once your items sell, reinvest that money to get more inventory.

Ebay is one of the most favorite side hustles and ways to make money fast because it’s just so easy to get started. Check out our full post on how to start your own eBay side hustle and how to even scale it into a full-time business.

4. Poshmark

A great way to clean out your wardrobe and make some money at the same time is to sell on Poshmark, that is mainly geared towards clothing.

To increase your sales and make more money, you will need to increase your followers and list brands that are in demand. If you know the latest popular brands then you are well on your way to making good money with selling on Poshmark.

Many people have started their Poshmark business by just selling a few items from their own closet. Here are some great tips to get going with selling on Poshmark.

5. Babysitting

With babysitting, if you find a good paying job it can bring in good money. There are plenty of parents who need baby sitting services so there is no shortage of those jobs around.

It helps to stand out by having at least your CPR training and certification to help put parents more at ease. Babysitting more than one child at a time will help increase your earning potential and it is possible to earn $1000 in just one week of babysitting.

6. Petsitting

If you love animals, this could be a great way to make money. There are a few options that you can do such as dog walking, dog boarding, drop in visits and house sitting.

Rover is a great app to get started with pet sitting that has a lot of benefits. It is well known so there are people constantly looking for someone to help them with taking care of their pets so you don’t need to go out and look for customers.

They also offer support if anything should go wrong and give you tips on how to have the best experience taking care of someone’s pets.

Keep in mind that you have to be available at times when the person needs to pick up or drop of their pets. Having previous experience pet sitting whether your own pet or someone else’s is also definitely a plus.

The best thing is you can set your rates how much you want to charge. Keep in mind there is a lot of competition out there as well so still keep your rates competitive and fill out your profile well.

This bigger the city, the more there are people that need these services. For just a few nights of dog boarding a few dogs, it is possible to earn well over $300 dollars. Do that more often and it can become a very profitable side hustle.

7. Airbnb

Have an extra room in your house? Consider renting it out on Airbnb. Airbnb has more than 150 million users around the world. Renting out a space in that kind of market can make a significant chunk of money.

To be successful in renting out your space there are a few things to know. Making your space stylish is helpful, but the most important things people are looking for in their space are cleanliness and safety.

Friendliness and extra little thoughtful luxuries are sure to make your guests rave about your place and you’ll be on your way to being a Superhost. Once you’re established, you can even raise your prices a little and be confident in being all booked up.

8. Deliver food

There are so many food delivery apps to choose from and the demand is great. Especially in bigger cities, there are hundreds of orders coming in each day with the weekends being the most popular time for people ordering in.

Many people actually do this full time and earn a great living, so by delivering food during your free time is a profitable and flexible way to earn extra income. Some of the best food delivery apps are Uber Eats, Dasher, and Postmates.

Not only can you deliver food, there is also the option of grocery shopping for someone with Instacart. Through this app you are paid to deliver groceries right to someone’s door.

9. Uber/Lyft Driver

Along the same lines, you can become an Uber or Lyft driver and create the same kind of income stream as with food delivery. Many people are in need of getting to various destinations such as airports or home from events.

The leading apps to become a driver are Uber and Lyft. Sometimes they offer bonuses of extra cash after making a certain number of deliveries so be sure to look for one when you sign up.

10. Cater/Fulfill orders

With celebrations and events always happening, people are in need of food, whether snacks, meals, or desserts for their events. If you are really good at baking or you can make some tasty dishes then you can market your services to the community.

Cakes are especially in demand for all kinds of celebrations from birthdays to baby showers and graduations. Spread the word around with your family and friends and use social media such as Facebook groups for your community.

11. Run Facebook Ads for Businesses

One of the more lucrative and fast ways to make money on the side is to manage Facebook Ads for local businesses. This requires you to reach out to businesses in your area and see if they want to advertise on FB to get them more customers and grow their business.

To be successful at digital Facebook marketing you need to acquire your own clients, create effective ads and maintain those client relationships. Once you are able to do that, you can start charging clients $1,000 – $1,500 per month while maintaining the Facebook Ads just takes a few hours per week.

Bobby, who first worked as a high school band teacher, started this side hustle to supplement his income. Soon, his earnings from his side hustle far exceeded what he previously made while teaching. He now created the Facebook Side Hustle Course to help others tap into this profitable side hustle.

12. Create an Udemy Course

Do you have something you are really knowledgeable about and really good at? Consider creating a course on Udemy, where thousands of people are looking to learn something new.

It will take some effort and time to create a valuable course full of information. Once the course is up and people really find the information you provide helpful, your course will start to get great reviews. In return, more people will purchase your courses and they will start generating consistent monthly income.

13. Teach English

If you have a bachelor’s degree and English as your main language, then you are a prime candidate for being able to teach English online. Many are earning a full-time income with this method even while traveling.

VIPKID is a popular online platform where you can teach English to young students in China. Once you apply, there is a small application and interview process. Other than having a bachelor’s degree, they also require you to have some kind of experience working with children. But while the requirements aren’t too difficult the pay is good, reaching all the way up to $22 per hour.

14. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is a Side Hustle Where you Can Make $1000 Per Month Or More

To get a virtual assistant job online might be difficult at first, but it gets easier once you get a few clients. A good virtual assistant is organized, communicates well and gets the tasks completed. Once the first few clients are a success, they can pass on the word to other online business owners or you can ask for testimonials.

It’s a good idea to have your own virtual assistant website where potential clients can see your previous work and all the tasks you are able to do. To get started, try reaching out to as many online businesses that you can.

The upside to being a virtual assistant is that you can work mostly on your own time and from anywhere in the world. You can even make a full-time income if you get a few good clients.

A good place to get an idea how to get started is Gina Horkey’s course where she teaches you everything you need to know about starting your own virtual assistant business in as little as 30 days.


15. Social Media Manager

Many online businesses hire out for someone to manage all of their social media accounts. This could include making posts on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Some design skills might be needed as well to create the social media posts.

Working closely together with the business to learn what they look for in their posts and bringing your own creativity will help this side hustle be successful.

16. Pinterest

A simple yet very powerful tool for a business, Pinterest is used by very many online business owners. Knowing how to get incredible success with Pinterest is very valuable.

To be successful with Pinterest it takes a lot of time. Optimizing and designing all of the pins for more clicks, scheduling or manually pinning those pins, and having to do that every single day is not something busy business owners are able to do.

This is where you can come in and take the burden off of the business owners by running their business Pinterest profiles.

This book by Carly is a great resource for everything you need to know to be successful at Pinterest. But if you really want a step by step guide, then Pinterest Virtual Assistant was created exactly for that.

17. Freelance Writing

All you need are good writing skills and a computer with an internet connection to make some decent money. The top freelancers are earning well over six figures.

To start, the pay for beginner freelancers isn’t always the best but if you keep going and get more writing gigs and experience of being published, then you can start charging more for your writing. With time, as your writing improves, and you can point out that you’ve been published in various places, then your income will also increase.

It really helps to get published in the top online websites, so don’t be afraid to keep pitching to them even if you don’t hear anything back for a while. To get a better chance of being published, make sure to research the type of content and style of writing the sites are looking for.

The top places where freelancers can get started right away, are Upwork, iWriter, Flexjobs, and Fivver.

18. Proofreading

This one requires being really good at grammar and catching any errors made in writing. Caitlin started proofreading for people in college, then went on to proofreading transcripts, freelancing, and eventually building a whole business.

She now offers courses to teach people how they can start building their own proofreading freelance business. Even if you’ve never done it before and have no idea where to start, her 7-day free course is filled with content and case studies that will help you figure out if proofreading is right for you.

19. Cleaning

People and businesses are always looking for cleaning services. Depending on the demand in your city, you can even get started the next day after posting an ad. People have different rates they are willing to pay but the average is at least $15 dollars or more.

All you need are a few cleaning supplies and you don’t need to have any experience to be able to get your first few clients.

Getting a few jobs cleaning in a business is even better, since those jobs can even be recession proof.

20. Photography

There are quite a few different ways to earn money with photography. Whether you are experienced or an amateur photographer, this can still make a nice side hustle.

Some of the ways you can make money with photography are creating photography websites, getting paid to take portraits or photograph weddings, selling stock photography, selling prints of your photos, photographing food for restaurants, getting your photos featured in a magazine or run photography workshops.

There are so many options and it is just a matter of choosing which option you want to pursue.

21. Sell Crafts

Selling crafts has been one of the longest ongoing side hustles anyone can do. The popularity of bath bombs, natural homemade products, and earth tone inspired products means there is room to create a substantial income.

Not only is there room to grow a business like this but the start up costs are low and can be done from home. You can get started by creating your products and selling on a platform like Shopify or Etsy.

22. Sell Paintings

Are you a talented artist and can make cool art pieces? Selling your paintings lets you be creative and earn money at the same time. It can be tricky to figure out how much certain paintings can go for and how to price your paintings.

Usually artists who do well selling their paintings have built a fan following around their work. Do some research on what sells well and for how much, based on the style of your art.

Having a unique and creative way of making your art can be helpful in making people want to purchase and creating a following. Selling just one piece of an artwork can bring in that extra $1000 per month.

23. Mow lawn/Maintain Yard

This way of making money isn’t possible all year round, but during the spring through fall months there is a lot of demand. All you need to get started are a mower and a few gardening tools. You can charge an average of $40 dollars per yard to mow the grass.

A few weekly clients results in an extra several hundred dollars per month.

24. Youtube

This method of making extra money has become a career for many. Some “Youtubers” have found their way to fame, earned millions of dollars, or started their own brands after having some success on Youtube.

The only learning curve might be how to record well and create these videos. Other than that, there is only your creativity and enthusiasm to produce quality videos.

For those that don’t want to put their face out there and stay behind the camera, there are options as well. Recipe and art videos are just a few of those getting millions of views. Finding what you’re passionate about and good at will help with the kind of videos to create.

25. Tutor

Expert tutors can bring in as much as $150 per hour. That means only 10 hours worked, can bring in over $1500 a month. To bring in that kind of money you will have to have references, a college degree and be able to prove your expertise in a topic.

The average tutor usually makes 25-50 dollars per hour which is still a great rate and can bring in a considerable amount of money every month.

A niche that is quite profitable, is tutoring for certain tests that students need to get into programs or schools. If you know how to get great results on a test, that is invaluable to students and the price they’re willing to pay for it reflects that.

26. Teach Music Lessons

If you can play an instrument well and know basic music theory, then teaching music could be a great way to start a side hustle. Many parents are looking to teach their kids music as helps with different aspects of development.

Advertise online or ask around in the community if anyone is interested in learning an instrument.

Once you have a client base going, you can even subcontract other teachers and create a passive income business if you want to grow your income even bigger.

27. Manual Labor

Manual labor will always be needed in one form or another. Whether it is helping someone move, doing some handyman work, or even trash/junk removal.

Craigslist is a popular place to look for jobs like these. You can also post in a neighborhood app such as Nextdoor, as this app is usually filled with people looking for recommendations for many services.

28. Day Trading

Day trading is the practice of buying stocks, options, commodities, or other securities traded on public markets, and then selling them at a profit on the same day you buy them. It is a time-honored way to make a little extra money, and successful day traders even multiply their money and get rich off the practice.

You can day trade at home from your PC using home trading platforms like eTrade, TD Ameritrade Thinkorswim, Interactive Brokers, and Robinhood. You usually have to trade during trading hours of the securities exchange you choose.

For the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, this means 9:30am to 4pm EST. However, some day traders swear by certain hours of the day as being best for finding trends. 

Of course, you are putting your money at risk every time you buy a security. It takes education, practice, and analytical skill to recognize securities with momentum that you can use to profit off a quick trade.

One of the best ways to practice is to use a “Paper Trading’ platform, which allows you to make practice trades using real market conditions, but no real money.

29. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular marketing method for bloggers, but you don’t have to be a blogger to become an affiliate. Affiliate marketing simply means driving traffic to a product or service and collecting a commission from any purchase that happens as a result of the traffic you drive.

This is great for beginners because they don’t have to create a product—they can just drive traffic to a product other people have created. Amazon offers a popular affiliate program—meaning you can reap commissions from driving buyers to millions of products listed on Amazon.

Affiliates usually get a dedicated link. When prospects click on the link, it adds a browser cookie which identifies the visitor as traffic from that particular affiliate. If they buy, it obligates the parent company to pay the commission.

You can do this with blogs, emails, or specialized landing pages. It may be tempting to simply run Facebook ads with your affiliate link, but Facebook suppresses ads like this. You usually need to create an intermediate landing page that pitches the product.

30. Building Email Lists

Email lists go hand-in-hand with practices like affiliate marketing, eCommerce, and selling digital products. In many cases, the email list is actually the whole business.

When companies get acquired by other companies, they are usually not buying the other company’s technology—they are buying their list of dedicated buyers or users.

An email list is a saleable asset, but it can also be a recurring source of income. If you have dedicated resources for your email list, you can pitch affiliate offers, physical products, digital products … anything you can use to monetize the list.

The CANSPAM Act forbids email marketers from simply stealing or buying email lists. You have to build your lists by getting people to voluntarily opt in. This usually means offering them an eBook, course, or other freebie that they find valuable. Keeping them on your list means sending them emails that they want to read, with attractive headlines they just have to click on.

31. Video Editing

Video is one of the most powerful tools available to build any brand, but almost nobody knows how to edit videos. They will pay handsomely for people who know how to make their video content presentable.

If you take some time to learn how to edit videos, you can make bank. Sometimes this might be as simple as editing out the pauses, mistakes, or filler words that people make when recording videos. If you learn how to do basic color correction and sound editing, as well as add title cards and simple effects or animations, you will be golden.

32. Rent Your Car

If you have a car that you don’t use all the time, you can use it to make extra cash through P2P car-rental apps like Turo or Getaround.

As with renting your domicile through Airbnb, you need to maintain your asset (the car) to a certain standard. But these car-sharing companies are sophisticated businesses that provide the tech and support to make it easy.

Basically, people use the automated system to book your car, find it in a public place, unlock it remotely, use it like a rental car, and return it securely—without you having to show up and let them in. Support technicians from the app can handle many problems that may arise, but be careful—sometimes your attention may be required to remedy problems with your vehicle.

33. Voiceover

Audio voice recording is big business. If you have a great reading voice, it might be worth investing a few hundred dollars in a good voiceover microphone and advertising your services as a freelance voiceover artist or audiobook reader.

In addition to a good microphone with a popscreen or pop shield, you will need a digital audio workstation (examples Adobe Audible, Audacity, Steinberg Cubase, Apple Logic, Presonus Studio One, and Reaper). You will also need a room with good acoustics and sound dampening. Closets with carpet or foam secured to the wall work well.

Amazon even has a marketplace for freelance audiobook readers, called ACX. You can advertise yourself as an audiobook reader, but ACX maintains strict standards of audio quality. Make sure you know how to meet them before attempting to submit work there.

34. Moving Help

Moving houses or offices is a huge hassle. No one wants to move their boxes and furniture themselves. If you are strong and in good shape, you can hire yourself out as a moving helper.

Your customers may be people who want to save some money on professional movers, or people who waited until the last minute and found that no movers are available. Craigslist and other odd job marketplaces are good places to advertise this kind of service.

35. Coaching

Becoming a licensed therapist requires specialized training, degrees, and certifications. However, no such requirements exist to become a coach. Whereas therapy addresses the root cause of behaviors and feelings, coaching is all about action and results.

A huge demand exists for knowledgable people to tell other people what to do. Sometimes they need help brainstorming solutions. Other times, they just need accountability—someone who will ask them every week “Did you meet your goals and finish your to-do list?”

If you have specialized knowledge from your career, upbringing, or passions, you can become a specialized coach in that area. Relatively short and affordable programs teach the basics of life coaching.

36. Take Online Surveys

In a data economy, survey respondents are actually a valuable asset to many companies—and one that they are willing to pay for. Most customers don’t bother to fill out online feedback surveys, which leaves those companies with no other option but to compensate average people to take their surveys.

You can get paid to take online surveys at a variety of websites, including Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Opinion Outpost, and Survey Junkie. Some of these companies compensate in “points” rather than in cash, and the compensation is not great unless you take surveys very quickly. But the good news is that there is no barrier to entry. Anyone can start making money by taking online surveys immediately!

37. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an approach to eCommerce that became popular because you don’t have to stock inventory.

Basically, you find a manufacturer or warehouse willing to fulfill orders one at a time, rather than having to order your inventory in bulk as with Amazon FBA. Then you build a store to promote their products at a markup, send your orders to the wholesaler, and the wholesaler ships the product to your buyer.

The margin is a lot smaller than buying inventory in bulk but you don’t have to risk inventory on a larger inventory order, especially when ordering from Chinese manufacturer where a lot can go wrong in transit.

Of course, driving traffic to your store is a different matter. You could build a Shopify or BigCommerce store and drive traffic through paid ads, leverage an email list … anything you can do to get interested buyers to your store. As with other eCommerce approaches, it helps if you set out to build a brand rather than promoting one-off products with no overarching vision.

38. Print-On-Demand Apparel

If you have an artistic and/or clever streak, you might try designing apparel and selling it online, fulfilling orders using a “print-on-demand” (POD) printer like Printful, SPOD, or Jetprint. Print-on-demand means you don’t have to commit capital to apparel in bulk—you can order custom apparel one unit at a time. The margin is lower, of course, but you need less cash up front, and the POD printer can ship the apparel directly to your buyer.

The classic example is t-shirts. People love funny and unique t-shirts. You can design your apparel image using a website like Canva and use a “mockup generator” to create images for your online apparel store without having to order samples or hire models.

The downside—the custom t-shirt racket is known for attracting copycats. Unless you can trademark your image, someone will probably steal your popular shirt idea and undercut you on price, so this business isn’t “one-and-done”—you have to keep innovating new apparel designs to stay relevant. 

39. Sell Information Products

If you are good at anything, people might pay for your advice on how to do it themselves in the form of an eBook, audiobook, or video course. You can produce these materials yourself, or hire a freelancer to produce them for you (with your input to give it your unique spin).

Selling a unique information product usually requires some sort of “sales funnel”—a source of traffic, like paid ads or a guest blog, leading to a specialized sales page. You usually need a strong pitch, plus “social proof” (i.e. testimonials) that prove you know what you’re talking about.

The benefit of information products is that they don’t require that you stock inventory. You can send the same PDF eBook to 1 million buyers without incurring additional inventory costs.

40. Become an Instagram Influencer

People with a large following on Instagram can monetize their social following by partnering with brands that want their products seen. You may get a commission from each product sold through an affiliate link posted to your IG.

Popular influencers don’t get commissions on sales, though—brands pay them simply to feature their products, whether or not they can confirm it has driven any sales.

Of course, the first step is building a loyal and engaged following on Instagram. People go about this in different ways.

Attractive women can often build a substantial following, as can people who can create FOMO (fear of missing out) with travel and lifestyle photos. If you are camera shy, Instagram accounts featuring memes or pet photos can take off as well.

41. Resell Smartphones

People actually build thriving businesses by buying smartphones and reselling them on eBay, Gazelle, or Swappa. Believe it or not, damaged or broken phones can be some of the best sellers, as people buy these phones for parts. You can often acquire these phones by posting ads on Craigslist, offering cash for broken cell phones.

When someone offers to sell you a phone, make sure to check eBay or other platforms to confirm the resale price for such a phone. You should also learn a little about smartphone identification numbers—specifically the ESN and IMEI.

These numbers can help tell you if the phone is locked, blocked, or stolen. Cell phones with “bad ESNs” can only be sold for parts, so don’t overpay to get one.

42. Answer Questions

People ask questions online all the time. Believe it or not, specialized websites exist that pay people to write answers to online questions. Examples include JustAnswer (online) or KGB (by text). You get paid a small fee for each question you answer, so it helps your bottom line if you are able to come up with answers quickly.

You don’t have to be an expert in the subject to answer the question, but it doesn’t hurt. People with high-demand skills like medicine or law may be able to get paid more by answering specialized questions on industry-specific websites.

43. Do Micro-Jobs

Some platforms, like ClickWorker, Toluna, and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, allow you to take on “micro-jobs,” tasks that can be completed in just a few minutes. The pay is not high, but if you do several of them back to back, you can earn a little extra spending money in no time at all.

Micro-jobs don’t pay well, but they are great if you only have a little spare time here and there and want to monetize it. Micro-jobs can range from identifying images to doing research to taking personality quizzes.

44. Be a Mystery Shopper

For people who love to shop, becoming a mystery shopper may be a dream gig.  Brick-and-mortar need mystery shoppers to evaluate their customer experience, particularly the performance of their hourly employees.

A mystery shopper is a person that the customer-facing employees don’t know, who arrives at the store like a normal shopper. Later, the mystery shopper fills out an evaluation of the experience, which managers can use to improve the customer experience. Mystery shoppers can be paid in cash, free merchandise, or both.

Companies that staff mystery shoppers include Market Force, Best Mark, and Intelli-Shop. Make sure to find a reputable mystery shopper gig and avoid scams.

45. Walk Dogs

Many professionals have dogs for companionship and mental health purposes. However, their busy lives can make the basics—like walking their dogs—a challenge. They will often gladly pay to reclaim an extra hour of their day by hiring someone to walk their dog for them.

You can advertise your services as a dog walker on Craigslist or social media, or work for a dog-walking gig marketplace like Rover.com or PetSitter.com. Of course, as with most businesses scalability is a factor. You will make more money if you can walk multiple dogs at one time—but be careful about taking on more canine charges than you can handle with two hands!

46. Wash Cars

Busy professionals want to take pride in their cars, but they may not have time to hand-wash their car or take it to a car wash. As a result the car becomes dirty and dusty. They will pay a premium for someone responsible to come over and do it for them.

You can advertise your services as a mobile car washer online, or work for a local company that subcontracts car washers.

If you need to bring your own supplies, make sure to use the right product for the right surface of your car. Substances like dish soap or ammonia can actually damage a car.

Use microfiber towels, since regular rags can scratch surfaces. Consider learning the “two-bucket” method and investing in two buckets! You can charge extra if you offer premium detailing services like claying or waxing.

47. Write Resumes

People have a terrible time writing their own resumes, for the simple reason that it’s often hard to toot your own horn, recognize your key value, or gain a bird’s-eye perspective on their own careers. This is why professional resume writers are in such high demand.

You can sell resume writing services on gig marketplaces like Fiverr, or work for resume-specific platforms like Talent Inc. or Sound Advice.

You can probably command a higher price if you invest in some training or home study and get a credible certification, like the Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) designation given by PARWCC for applicants who pay a fee and pass a practical test.

Hone your skills in Microsoft Word so you can design beautiful resumes with “WOW” factor. Look up example resumes online and see if you can copy them using nothing but functions in Word. 

48. Write Books

Few people write best-sellers, but you don’t have to be Stephen King or Stephanie Meyer to make money as a book-writer. Some genres have voracious readerships. Romance novels come to mind. Follow the formula, push the right emotional buttons, and romance novel enthusiasts will keep coming back for more.

You can market your novels yourself on Amazon, either as Kindle ebooks, print-on-demand paperback books, or both. Small publishing houses have also sprung up to feed the demand for original fiction. You might find one that will pay you a small advance on sales, or simply pay you a fee per word to add to their library of titles.

These kinds of book deals may not make you rich, but you can tell people at parties that you get paid to write novels!

49. Personal Chef

If people rave about your cooking skills, you can turn that talent into cash by hiring yourself out as a personal chef. Many high-earning families aspire to eat healthy meals, but don’t have the time or the talent to cook those meals themselves. They will gladly hire someone to cook for them—especially if they don’t charge Michelin-star prices.

If you specialize in cultural, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, diabetes-friendly, heart-healthy, paleo, or otherwise niche cuisine, you may find yourself even more in-demand, as people with special dietary needs often have trouble finding a personal chef who can make those diets delicious.

50. Transcribe Audio

Most people prefer to talk rather than write … but once they are done talking, they often need a written record of what they said, either to repurpose as written content, use as closed-captioning for video content, or simply to keep accurate minutes. If you are a good listener and can quickly transcribe what you hear, consider getting a gig as a transcriptionist.

You can advertise your services in gig marketplaces, or sign up for a transcription-specific gig platform like Scribie, SpeakWrite, or Happy Scribe. You will often transcribe recorded phone calls or Zoom conferences and have to differentiate between different speakers. 

Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make $1000 Or More Per Month

Focus on things that bring in more money and you’re on your way to actually make $1000 extra per month.

Some side hustles require a little bit more time before they can start making a good income. Pick a few side hustles you think would be the best fit for you and focus on those.

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