Do you need to make 300 dollars fast?

In today’s day and age, where the cost of living is continually rising, you need ways that can make you some fast cash especially when things get tight and your bills keep coming.

Sometimes an emergency or a life event can put us over budget and we end up needing some fast cash.

The good news is that there are options, especially with today’s online opportunities.

Here are some ways you can make some extra money quickly.

1. Fill Out Surveys

Surveys won’t solve all your problems, but they do help to get some extra cash when you really need it.

You’ll need surveys that have low minimum payout so that you can get paid faster.

Survey Junkie is a reputable option that is free to sign up for. The minimum payout is $5 and surveys usually pay between $1-$3.

Doing a few surveys a week can help get more cash and doing surveys on several survey platforms can double or triple the amount you can make.

Swagbucks and MyPoints are both popular options owned by the same company. They have different options for getting paid and a low minimum amount to cash out.

If you can refer people to the apps, then you can get even more points and make more money.

2. Sell Items You No Longer Use

You can sell anything from household items, clothing, shoes, electronics and other miscellaneous items. Selling electronics can bring in more revenue than household items like your old phone or computer.

Your home is full of valuable things that you can sell. Think outside the box, since almost anything can sell on eBay like cleaning supplies, old perfumes and vintage finds.

If you need to sell it really fast, post a good deal on the Facebook marketplace and you’ll have someone waiting to buy it the same day.

3. Become A Freelance Writer

There are business owners, reputable online publications, blogs and even students who need your services as a writer.

You can make $300 in a month or even in a few days depending on the scope of the project, how many projects you take on, and your level of expertise.

Have a subject you’re an expert on? Even better since you can use it to specialize and present yourself as an expert in a niche.

As you start, some articles pay about $50 but can quickly increase to $300 or more depending on the length of the article and the topic.

Not only could you make fast money but you could turn freelance writing into a career. Fiverr and Upwork are some great places to get started fast.

4. Pawn Your Title

It comes with its own set of risks but it is a fast way to get some money.

The only thing you need is a clean title and to bring your vehicle to the location of a title pawn company.

They would assess your vehicle, take pictures and let you know how much you can get from pawning your title.

Depending on the Black Book value of your car and the condition, you could expect to get a check ranging from $300-$2,000.

The cons associated with pawning your title are the high interest rates and the risk of losing your vehicle if you do not make payments on your pawn.

My advice would be to only resort to this option if you absolutely need the money and can pay the money back within a week or month.

5. Host A Car Wash Or Bake Sale

Friends and family are the best people to help you in difficult times and what’s a better way to reciprocate the help you are getting?

You can wash their vehicles and bake a batch of cookies to show your appreciation. It would be kind of like bartering but you would be getting paid for your services and goods.

You could even ask your family and friends to spread the word about your event and get more people to come out. This way you could make $300 in no time!

6. Create Digital Products

The online world has made it so much easier to create and sell digital products. You could be selling your own products by taking a few steps.

If you are creative and love to create new ideas, this idea would be perfect for you. You could create printables, journals and stickers and add them to your Etsy shop or advertise them on Amazon.

You would first have to create a new account for Etsy or Amazon and use it to sell your products.

There are some disadvantages in taking this route. You could lose money if you are not selling enough products and it might take a little bit of time to get traction.

You would have to price your products at a reasonable price to be able to make money off of them but it could really be a great side hustle that could later turn into a full time gig if you wanted to go that route.

7. Detailing Cars

Do you have a passion for keeping things clean, especially your vehicle? Detailing cars could be just the thing for you.

Having the skills and techniques to detail a car can really come in handy. There are lots of people who want to keep their car clean but just the thought of cleaning makes them feel overwhelmed.

You could offer your services on a monthly basis. If you do a great job, you could start getting referrals and bring in anywhere from $200-$1,000 a month.

This is an awesome gig because you can set your own hours and you don’t need a set place to run your business. You can run it from your home or offer to come to your clients.

To get started, post your services to local Facebook groups or apps like Nextdoor.

8. Sell your vehicle to a dealership or private party

If you are in a tight spot and need cash now, selling your vehicle could be an option for you. You could sell it to a dealership if you don’t have an existing loan on it. Depending on the value of your vehicle, you could receive a large amount.

Of course, if you are wanting to get more money from your vehicle, selling it to a private party would be more beneficial. You could leverage your price and get a greater return for your vehicle.

The only bad part about taking this route is that it may take you longer to sell your vehicle. It all depends on how fast you need the money. Some dealerships can give you a check the same day. 

9. Become An Uber Driver

Becoming an Uber driver doesn’t require much. You just need to pass a background check, have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Of course, you would be using your vehicle so you may want to take in consideration if the tear and wear of your vehicle is worth the money you will be earning. But if you just need to earn $300 fast it is a very fast and easy way to do so.

You would have to book a good amount of clients who are traveling longer distances to be able to earn at least $300.

10. Deliver Food

Many people order food delivery and it has become a good side hustle for people who want to make some extra money.

It is the same concept as an Uber driver, but you deliver food to people instead of driving people to their destination.

Especially in bigger cities you have the chance to make several hundred per week. All you need is to download an app like Uber, DoorDash, Postmates, or Instacart.

11. Take On Some Babysitting Jobs

If you love kids, this would be a great way to make some fast cash.

You would be able to set your hours and pay rate while also helping parents with caring for their children.

In some cases, you could even advertise your services on social media or create a profile on sites that recruit babysitters. This would make it easier for people to find you and solicit your services.

You could earn $300 in two weekends if you charge a decent amount per hour. 

12. Become A Virtual Assistant

Becoming a VA is becoming more popular and finding courses to hone your skills is easier than ever.

You could start off by offering general administrative tasks and later work on refining your skills to offer one or two main services that you do well.

When you are starting out, you could price your services at a reasonable rate at about $20-$30 an hour. You could earn $300 from a single client in the course of one month.

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    When it comes to finding ways to make some extra money, there are many ways to go about doing this but these are some of the fastest ways to get you to $300.

    Each option has its pros and cons so it is important that you consider how fast you need the money, when and how you can replace it, and if the benefits outweigh the risks.