15 Best Journals For Journalers To Improve Well-Being

Best Journals For Journalers To Express Themselves

Are you a journaler or would like to be one?

Journalers who actively keep a journal find many benefits from it. It can help fuel creativity, keep a daily checklist, write down your thoughts and keep organized.

But that’s not all.

Journaling has been shown to improve mental and emotional health. So, it is important to take the time and incorporate this powerful habit into your daily life.

Journal writing can be a great hobby that if practiced consistently can transform your well-being.

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What Does Journaler Mean?

A journaler is someone who keeps a record of something. This can be like a diary, a creative journal, or a planner to keep your goals all in one place. It can be different for each person and that is the beauty of journaling.

Journal writing opens up a way for you to get your thoughts and emotions out on paper. It can be random thoughts, or it can be organized to help you understand something better.

A journaler simply puts their thoughts, informally, into written form where they can be kept private or shared publicly. It can be a form of self-improvement in many areas, including financially.

How To Start Journaling

First, understand that there is no right or wrong way of doing it. This will help take the stress off and you can be free to experiment and decide on what form journaling takes on for you.

Form of Journaling

You can choose one form of journaling or include many forms. That can be writing long paragraphs and getting all of your thoughts out, making lists, drawing and adding quotes, making visual boards, whatever your choice may be, it completely depends on you.

Set a Dedicated Time

Whether you want to journal in the mornings, evenings or both, set a dedicated time for journaling. This can help you be consistent and actually improve the areas of your life you’ve set out to improve.

If you are starting to journal just for fun and to relieve stress, then you can journal at any free time that you have.

Write Down Anything That Comes To Mind

The point of journaling is to get everything out on paper. It is to discover things you might not have considered before. It is important to write down everything that comes to mind because then everything will start to flow out.

You may be experiencing anger, hurt, or frustration and putting these things on paper will help to free up your mind and provide more clarity.

Benefits Of Journaling

As previously stated, there are many benefits of journaling. So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits a person can reap from becoming a journaler.

  • Mental and emotional well-being
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Organization
  • Goal setting
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Work through challenges

By staying consistent with journaling practice, you will be able to reap the benefits of journaling

So, what can you buy for someone who likes journaling?

You can use these journals as you’re starting your journaling journey, or these make great gifts for someone in your life who you know already enjoys journaling. A journal is a great gift because it helps a person record their memories, goals, and dreams and become healthier and happier.

Best Journals For Every Writer And Creative

PAPERAGE Lined Journal Notebook

One of the best sellers on Amazon, this is a lined journal with thick paper on which you can confidently use most pens and markers without bleed-through. With the paper being lined, this journal is perfect for those that want to write more.

These journals are available in many different colors for you to choose from. The hardcover is topped with water-resistant vegan leather.

3 Minute Positivity Journal

Need some more positivity in your life? This positivity journal can help you get the dose of positivity you need every day.

It has daily quotes, prompts, and activities to help you redirect your mind into a more positive mindset. The journal focuses on habits, mindset, health, self-esteem, and success since those are major areas that many people want to improve.

For example, there are little challenges and goals in the book like not doing screen time an hour before bed for a week or taking deep breaths.

It also keeps you accountable with a wellness check on how if you exercised or maintained good nutrition.

Focusing on these small changes in your life with this journal can help improve your life in a big way.

Clever Fox Budget Planner

Of course, finances are a big part of life and having them all planned out and under control can help give you peace of mind. This budget planner has an expense tracker, monthly budgeting, savings tracking, debt tracking and more.

Make your finances a priority with this hardcover journal that comes in many different colors to choose from.

Clever Fox also has helpful planner stickers that you can use on this budget planner or any other planner.

Hardcover Notebook Journal

This journal comes in green, blue, black and brown and a hardcover which makes the journal very sturdy.

It has 128 sheets with lined paper that is thick for all kinds of pens and markers.

The journal comes with two bookmark ribbons to bookmark your pages, a place to hold your pen, a highlighter marker to highlight the important stuff and sticky notes with a ruler.

Leather Journal Notebook

If you love a more vintage feel, this leather bound journal feels unique and handmade.

It uses high quality paper and includes a luxury pen that goes perfectly with the journal.

It is available in a larger size 7×9 and a smaller size 5×7 if you need your journal to be lighter and smaller.

A Couple’s Love Journal

If you want to journal to focus on the relationship in your life, then this journal will help you start new conversations with your partner.

In this journal you get 52 questions, for every week of the year, to prompt new conversations and increase your connection. These journal prompts were designed to create a more meaningful and strong connection.

You can do all of the questions together, or you can reflect on them on your own. The journal, with over 200 pages, has space to write down all of your thoughts.

Intelligent Change: The Five Minute Journal

With this gratitude journal you have a daily list of things to be thankful for. This journal with daily affirmations for reflection, is a great way to boost your mental health.

It includes six months worth of daily journaling pages with weekly challenges, daily affirmations, inspirational quotes and prompts for self-reflection.

The concept behind the five minute journal is to fill it out every morning and every evening to re-center you. It has the same prompts for each day so that every day you are reminded of something to be grateful for.

The cover has a classy design with a natural linen fabric cover that makes this a beautiful journal overall.

Soul Therapy: A 365 Day Journal

Self care is important for every aspect of your life to prosper. This guided journal with pages for 365 days of open-ended questions, provoking prompts, and daily inspirations will be an in-depth exploration.

It will help bring positivity, reflection, and healing into your life to be able to live your life to the fullest. As the title of the journal suggests, it is for therapy of the soul.

You can get it in paperback or spiral bound that has 380 pages.

God Bless This Messy Journal

Life can be messy, so what is better than putting the mess on paper and letting God take care of the rest.

This journal is focused on being able to cope with anything that life throws your way like depression, and anxiety. Learning how to embrace your imperfections, cherish your mistakes, become stronger, learn independence, find peace and remain grounded is all part of learning how to become a better self.

The journal has a beautiful floral cover and inside it is full of guided prompts, Bible verses, activities and quotes.

Hardcover Spiral Notebook

If you’re looking for a lined journal that has a spiral to be able to easier rip out pages, then this journal is a good, basic one to have.

It comes in several designs and colors, has a small or large option, and has 150 sheets (300 pages) of premium, thick paper.

There is plenty of space to write out our thoughts and get everything out on paper with this journal. With the spiral, you can easily lay it flat while writing.

Personal Leather Journal Notebook

What makes this journal special is that you can personalize it with your name. It makes it the perfect gift for someone to make it all the more special. There are 12 different designs to choose from as well as several different colors.

The pages are lined that make it great for writing and the cover is made of a water-resistant cover that looks and feels like leather.

Dual Notebook Blank & Lined

Looking for a notebook that has both lined pages and blank pages? It is excellent for sketching in the blank spaces and writing in the lined pages.

There are 140 pages, 70 lined and 70 blank pages.

Refillable Travelers Notebook

This notebook is perfect for the traveler. It is small and lightweight that makes it easy to take anywhere with you.

The high quality leather cover gives it a vintage feel while still being stylish and has a rubber band that goes around the book to keep it all together.

There are a total of 80 sheets that make 160 pages that are lined. The book is refillable which makes it last long and able to be used for a long time.

It also comes with two inserts and card holders to be able to organize and have everything in one place.

Daily Prayer Journal

Prayer is an important part of reflection. This six month journal can help you start building a stronger daily habit of prayer.

On the pages you can write down the day’s prayer requests, what you are thankful to God for, and an act of kindness for the day.

Then, at the end of the day, you are able to reflect on the day’s blessings or answered prayers.

There are daily quotes to motivate and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

The planner is available in three beautiful colors, with a bookmark and durable binding.

Mr. Pen Christian Planner

If you’re diving deeper into Bible study as part of your daily journaling, then this journal is good for having a space to write down your thoughts. This journal goes hand in hand with the prayer journal to supplement each other.

There are 365 pages for daily Bible study with verses to reflect on for each day. After the verse, there is space to write down what you need to do for the day and what you are thankful for.

Daily Positivity Journal

Titled as the best journal ever, this journal provides habit tracking, self reflection and daily gratitude.

On the daily pages you get inspirational quotes, a space to write down three things you are grateful for, an affirmation for the day, and a place to just write down your thoughts.

To make the right habits stick, you have a place to write down the habits and check off every day that you do what you set out to do.

After, you have monthly reflections to write down the highlights, what you’ve learned, outline what you can improve and write down any other thoughts you might have.

The hardcover makes it durable, the thick paper prevents bleed-through, and the back inner pocket helps with keeping miscellaneous papers in one place.

Journaler’s Accessories

Journaling is all about having fun and expressing yourself on paper. These accessories can make your time journaling more satisfying and enjoyable.

DiverseBee Bible Highlighters

These highlighters are made to work well on the thin pages of the Bible so they will work well with any kind of journal paper without bleeding through to the other side. With these you can highlight the important parts of your journal while giving your journal some color.

36 Colors Journal Planner Pens

You get 36 colorful pens for under $10 which is great if you want the options of colorful pens but staying under a budget.

The pens are fine tip to be able to draw or write in small details in your journal. They are non-toxic, water based and have minimal bleed-through.

BLIEVE Bible Tabs

Are you using a plain lined journal to study the Bible? These tabs will help you get your journal organized by every book of the Bible. Once you move on to studying the next book, you will be able to attach the next book tab to be able to find your place more easily.

The tabs are peel and stick which makes it easier to attach them. It comes with 66 Bible books, 14 blank tabs, 144 icon Bible chapter tabs and 1 bookmark.