How To Find The Best And Cheapest Laundromat Near Me

Find A Safe And Cheap Laundromat Near Me

There are plenty of reasons why millions of people don’t own a washer and dryer in their living spaces:

  • Appliances are super expensive
  • Some apartments don’t have space
  • Frequent traveling
  • Roommates that don’t take care of things
  • Electricity costs

Whatever the reason is that you don’t have your own personal laundry appliances, don’t sweat it — there are plenty of nearby laundry facilities that can get the job done.

Planning for the laundromat near me— make your life easier!

It’s best to run through a quick checklist before taking your clothes to be washed and dried to ensure you’re fully prepared. There are fewer things more frustrating than loading up all your clothes only to realize you forgot the essentials like detergent or hangers.

List of things to bring while doing your laundry away from home

  • Detergent (although we recommend bringing baggies with pre-measured detergent)
  • Oxi Clean or similar
  • Stain remover
  • Fragrance beads
  • Bleach
  • Fabric softener
  • Small bills to exchange for coins if applicable
  • Entertainment for a few hours (tablet, phone and charger, laptop, books, etc.)
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Pre-sorted laundry ready to throw into the washer
  • Bags or hampers

Even though it seems easier to just throw your dirty clothes in the trunk and sort them at the laundromat, many places have very limited space. If you have a lot of clothes to wash, this could be a huge headache. It’s best to separate the loads at home, place them into the right bags or hampers, and save yourself the trouble.

Another perk to presorting your clothes at home is being able to snatch the first available washer. On a busy Saturday morning, this could be the difference between waiting for a washer to become available or claiming one first.

More tips and tricks for a smooth day of washing clothes

Pre-measure detergent for each load

Even though this doesn’t seem like a big deal, any little thing you can do to speed up the process is one minute less you have to spend at a laundry facility.

Check all pockets

We’ve all been there — leaving a pack of gum or tube of lip balm in your pocket is a recipe for disaster. Before leaving, check all the pockets in your clothing to make sure they are free and clear of junk!

Do the pre-stain treatments before leaving home

Just like you should measure out your detergent beforehand, treating stains is no different. The less containers you have to bring with you, the better.

Choose a less busy time

Weekends at 9:00a will probably be a nightmare. If you’re a night owl, try hitting a laundromat near you late at night to avoid crowds. The middle of the day during the week tends to be a less busy time as well.

Bring ALL your dirty clothes

Instead of doing one or two loads twice a week, pick one day only to be more efficient and waste less time.

Smell the machine before you use it

Yea, we know — gross. But seriously, this could save you from ruining your clothes. If someone used too much bleach before you, say goodbye to your favorite red shirt. Or, if the machine just smells like mildew, you might want to move on to another open washer.

Wipe out the washer and dryer before using them

Who knows what the last person just washed. You can probably use your imagination for some wildly possible scenarios. For that reason, we recommend using some antibacterial wipes (and gloves) to thoroughly wipe the inside of the appliances. You’ll thank us later.

Check the lint trap

Not only are full lint traps a fire hazard, but your load of wet laundry will not dry very well if the trap is stuffed full of lint. Scrape that stuff off before starting the dryer.

Double check the settings

Always do a double take before starting a cycle. The last thing you want is scorching hot water to ruin delicate clothing (been there, done that). 

Stay put

Laundry day has never won any awards for being fun. Though it might be tempting to grab a sandwich or coffee next door, do so at your own risk!

Pro advice for keeping your clothes nice looking at the laundromat

Choose the right settings for the type of load you’re washing and drying

Washing towels, sheets, delicates, denim, and sweaters requires different approaches depending on the fabric. A lot of people make the mistake of washing everything the same, and consequently the clothing can fade or be ruined.

For example, only use super hot water on towels and whites. Hot water can cause colors to bleed and fade over time, and who has money to buy new clothes frequently?

Set the soil level appropriately depending on the load you’re washing. All of these settings ensure the right amount of water and agitation are ready to go.

Use mesh laundry bags

If you really want to protect your clothes, special mesh laundry bags will protect your garments from damage and prevent rips or snags. This trick is especially helpful when washing your clothes on a machine without a gentle setting. This is a good way to wash undergarments too.

Wash your clothes inside out

This tip is often overlooked, but it can really keep your clothes looking new for much longer and prevent excess wear and tear. If you don’t want to take the time to do this for all your articles of clothing, at least try it when washing dress shirts or blouses with buttons or tees with graphics.

Use the right detergent

Not all laundry detergent is made the same. Certain detergents are specifically made for delicate fabrics, while others are designed to power through heavily soiled fabrics.

If you don’t like your clothes taking on the strong scent of the laundry soap, opt for a plant-based, sensitive formula. They can also be gentler on sensitive skin.

Try replacing chlorine bleach with vinegar

Harsh chemicals like bleach can wear out the fabric fibers quickly. A better alternative to bleach is white vinegar, a natural and chemical-free option. It is a natural brightener, strong deodorizer and disinfectant, and is great for the environment.

Follow your clothes’ wash & dry instructions carefully

It’s easy to just assume all fabrics can be set on “cold” and “normal” but that’s definitely not the case. Some items require dry cleaning and should never be thrown in the dryer. Other items should never be thrown in the dryer at all. Just be sure to read the labels before washing.

Don’t leave clothes in the washer for too long

Luckily, this generally isn’t a problem at a laundromat unless you accidentally forget clothes in the washer. It’s best to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer quickly to prevent any mildew smell from forming.

Fold your clothes as they come out of the dryer

Instead of just throwing freshly dried clothes into a bag, try folding them when they are nice and warm. This can aid in keeping the wrinkles at bay and save you time on ironing.

Don’t put too many items in a washing machine

Overloading the machines can result in clothes not getting washed or rinsed thoroughly or the machine not being able to properly balance the load. Either use a larger machine if available or do another load of laundry.

Hang your clothes to dry

The dryer, even on a low setting, can be pretty harsh on fabric. If you really want to keep your clothes in the best possible condition, bring hangers for freshly washed clothes and bring them home to hang up. Air drying can keep your stuff looking new for a long time.

How to find the best nearby laundromat near me

1. Check out the reviews

Practically every business has online reviews somewhere. Check Google, Facebook, and Yelp for starters. While reviews aren’t always accurate, you can at least read through some and get an idea of what common problems or why people like a particular place.

Look for buzzwords like clean, modern, quiet, safe, well-lit, and friendly.

Stay away from places that have consistent reviews with words like disgusting, mold, dingy, dirty, sketchy, unsafe, broken, and old.

2. Check out the location

Don’t want to go to a sketchy part of town alone to do laundry? Understandable. Be sure to locate the facility before heading there to determine if it’s in a busy, well-lit, safe location. Pass on those isolated locations in weird parts of the city.

3. Check busiest times on Google

If the location is on Google Maps, you often can see “busiest times” with a graph. This will give you a better idea of when to do your laundry without having to wait forever for an open machine.

4. See if they have a website

Not all laundry service places will have a website, but there could be helpful information on the site that will give you a better vibe about whether or not to go there.

5. Look at their photos

Take a good look at the website and review photos to get an idea of what the facility looks like. Do they have modern appliances? Does it look clean? Are there comfortable chairs or other amenities for customers? These are all things to look for.

Laundromats that look cluttered and dirty should be avoided at all costs. Who would want to hang out in a dingy building for several hours?

6. Make sure it’s safe

Always be aware of your surroundings when heading out to do laundry. The best laundromats have an attendant on-site, excellent lighting, air-conditioning, security cameras, and accessible parking.

7. Verify forms of payment

More modern laundromats may have the option for electronic payments or even their own app. Many still have the traditional option for quarters or coins. Choose which one works best for you.

Laundromat frequently asked questions

When are the best times to do laundry?

Laundromats are pretty busy on weekends and on weekdays right after work. If possible, opt for a weekday morning or late at night.

Should I get a laundromat loyalty card?

If the place you take your laundry to offers it, yes! Loyalty cards offer benefits like coupons, loyalty points, and more.

How do I find a laundromat that takes credit cards?

With a quick Google search, you should be able to find out pretty quickly if a facility takes coins or credit cards. When in doubt, just call!

How much do laundromats cost?

On average, you can expect to spend about $2 per load of laundry. This price is calculated with consideration for gallons of water used, cost of water and sewer, electrical consumption, and the cost of hot water. Some laundromats charge more for top load machines to encourage customers to use the more energy and water efficient front loaders.

Can I get bedbugs from going to a laundromat?

It is possible to get bed bugs from a laundromat because people wash their bedding there. Inspect the washing machine and dryer for any bed bugs before using.

Ready to go to a “laundromat near me” with all these new tricks up your sleeve?

Your first time washing clothes at a self service laundry place can be intimidating, but utilize our tips and you can be sure to have a smooth experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Be prepared
  • Research laundromats
  • Stay safe
  • Watch for cleanliness

By preparing your clothes, you’ll save time and stress by being ready the moment you walk through the door. Researching your area for the best laundromat will ensure you know what to expect. Ultimately, if you have done everything right and still have a bad experience, it’s best to try a new place until you’re happy.

Good luck!

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