23+ Free (and Cheap) Printable Budget Templates To Budget Your Money Well In 2022

Are you looking for a free printable budget template to manage your finances?

If you’ve decided to take control of your finances and create a budget, you’re in the right place.

Having a budget template page or planner where you can write out and keep track of all your numbers can be critical to your success in keeping a budget.

After all, there are many things to keep track of like how much you’re making, saving, investing and what your goals are for the future.

These free (and cheap) printable budget templates will help you to get a head start on your budget and give you all the tools you need to be successful.

Why Is Having A Budget Important?

Before we jump in to the exciting part about picking out a budget template for you to use, let’s address why budgeting is important.

There are many reasons why it is important to start a budget, but most importantly a budget lets you take control.

If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t understand where all your money is going, why you never have any money left at the end of the month, or how much you could actually be saving every month, then you need a budget.

A budget solves all of those problems.

  • Know Your Income
  • Keep Track of Expenses
  • Find Where You Could Cut Expenses and Live More Frugally
  • Start Saving More
  • Get An Emergency Savings, Travel Savings and More
  • Live A Life Of Freedom

1. Finance + Freedom Free Monthly Budget Printable

Our monthly budget printable is simple and easy to use.

There are three pages in this template so you can track your main incomes, list your expenses, and keep track of your debt payoff.

On the general monthly budget sheet you can categorize your expenses. However, we included the extra expenses sheet because there are many expenses and sometimes it’s best to list out every single one.

The debt payoff sheet will help you list every single one of your debts and see how well your progress of paying them off is going.

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    2. Chasing Foxes Free Budget Planner

    This budget planner is not only free, but it is beautiful, has over 75 pages, has everything you might need in a budget printable, and did we say, free?

    It has financial trackers for saving, expenses, retirements and subscriptions. Also it comes with cash envelope templates, saving challenges, debt payoff sheets and more.

    This is the most value in a free budget printable that can help you map out every aspect of your budget.

    3. Printable Crush Free Budget Sheet

    This template has a monthly budget sheet that starts out with starting balance, starting debt, and income for the month.

    Then you can list all of your expenses which have been neatly organized into categories for you. For each you can write down your budget and then you have space to write down how much you actually spent.

    At the bottom is your savings plan starting goal, monthly goal, and ending balance.

    One sheet is filled out with expense categories while the other is blank to be able to fill in the categories you need.

    The expense page gives you a list to fill out all of your expenses more detailed and a page to write down your goals, reminders and quotes.

    There are different colors available for the same version, a simple version, and editable versions.

    4. The Savvy Couple Simple Monthly Budget Template

    A one page, simple budget template might be all you need and The Savvy Couple have one for free in their shop.

    The colors and layout of the page are appealing and simple to use.

    They include a few spots for income and a column for fixed expenses as well as variable expenses.

    Also you have a space for a budgeted versus actual amount if your numbers vary.

    They have many more items in their shop including a debt payoff sheet, 52 week money saving challenge, weekly meal plan or a complete budgeting binder that has 80+ pages.

    5. Shining Mom Budget Template Binder

    With this free budget template binder you have 25 pages of financial worksheets that you can choose from.

    Not only do you have a monthly budget and expense tracker, but you also have worksheets to write out your goals in detail.

    Planning out your financial future is important so there are a few worksheets that will prompt you to write short-term and long-term goals, as well as putting your financial dreams on paper.

    A unique page that this budget binder has is the cash flow log where you can determine your cash flow and how much money you have left over at the end of the month.

    There are more free printables on the site that you can enjoy like goal planning and monthly calendars to get everything organized.

    6. Gathering Dreams Monthly Budget Template

    This one page template has income for three categories which are after tax income, side hustle income and investment income.

    Then you can enter your retirement, investments and savings contrbutions.

    For the expenses you can enter in all the expenses you have under the ones listed and then calculate the total to be able to find your net income.

    7. Home Printables Budget Planner

    Updated for the new year, this planner includes fifteen pages that will help you organize your bills, track your expenses, create weekly and monthly budget plans, and map out your future financial goals.

    It has a fun design and practical templates to help you save more money.

    On the site you can also find free Bills Organizers the Ultimate Budget Planner with over 40 templates as well as another Free Budget Planner with another fun design and over 20 pages.

    The Ultimate Wealth Binder is also available to purchase if you feel like you need a comprehensive money management binder.

    8. Uncluttered Simplicity Budget Planning Worksheets

    This fun and colorful worksheet includes two pages and has plenty of space to write down all of your expenses.

    Each expense has a slot for amount due, amount paid and balance. You can include charitable donations and the amount you put towards savings.

    It comes in a smaller version as well if you have a half-size planner.

    There are also other free printables to choose from like the daily calendar, habit tracker, and meal planning printable.

    9. The Housewife Modern Budgeting Binder

    This budgeting binder ifs full of everything you need to start getting your budget under control. It has 15 pages of expense trackers, monthly budget, goal setting, and a 52 week savings plan.

    It comes decorated beautiful floral accents and colors and is great for beginners with a page that gives a little explanation on how to start keeping track of your budget.

    10. Printables and Inspirations Budget Planner Worksheets

    With these printables you get 12 neutrally designed calendar sheets. The yearly bills tracker page will help you keep track of your monthly spending on one sheet and the monthly budget page will break down all of one month’s expenses.

    If you want to get even more serious with tracking your spending, you can track your daily expenses with the daily tracker sheet.

    11. Single Moms Income Monthly Budget Printable

    This chic set of printables are perfect for the minimalist who likes to keep it simple. There are different tabs to fill out with whatever you need.

    You get a goals sheet, monthly to-do list, expense tracker, budget sheet, and menu plan.

    12. Clean and Scentsible Budgeting Printables

    Here you have a simple budget at a glance sheet for your income and expenses. One version comes with the categories in the worksheets prefilled and the other version has blank spaces where you can completely customize for what you need.

    With the budget overview you are able to see the numbers all on one page without going into much detail. You can get more detailed with the debt tracker and the monthly budget tracker to see how your finances are month after month.

    13. Parenting Lately Budgeting Bundle

    What you get with this little bundle is a savings tracker and challenge, a monthly budget planner to keep track of your finances every month, a debt tracker to tackle your debt, and a bill payment calendar.

    All you need to do to get these printables is put in your email and they will appear in your inbox.

    14. Simply Stacie Free Budget Binder

    This free budget binder has anything you might possibly need to organize your financial life. It includes 20 printables that you can choose from to best fit your style of budgeting.

    Not only can you track your expenses and bill payments, you can also track your accounts balance, the checkbook if you use one, and have a full worksheet to track your savings goal.

    The bight pink and green makes it a fun budget binder to use.

    15. Pretty Presets Free Budget Worksheet

    This pretty page can be a great guide to a simple budget. If you want to keep things simple with one page and have a rough idea of what your financial situation looks like every month then you can print off a page for each month.

    Write in the month at the top of the page and then write in your numbers for the month.

    16. Frugal Mom Guide Budgeting Printables

    Have a little bit of fun with these budget printables that include a savings coloring page that will help you see how much you’re saving and want to fill up the page.

    You get income, expenses and savings trackers, bills tracker and even a daily spending tracker to reduce unnecessary purchases on the spot.

    You’ll also have a month at a glance where you can see an overview of your finances all in one place.

    17. Thrifty Little Mom Printable Worksheets

    The Thrifty Mom has a good collection of worksheets that focus on paying off debt. Her family has payed off thousands using her system so these worksheets have a good foundation for what you need if you want to pay off your debt as well.

    There is a sheet that helps you figure out how much you owe. You can add up all of your debt and start making a plan to pay it off. The other sheets will help you with your budget to make it happen.

    18. Dave Ramsey Quick-Start Budget

    Dave Ramsey is well known in the financial world and he ahs helped many people get out of debt. So, it is no surprise that he has some budgeting worksheets as well.

    These worksheets go more into depth along with an explanation on how to use them. This is extremely helpful to those who are just starting out and need some help figuring out everything they need to include.

    He has everything from irregular income planning allocated spending to make sure everything in your budget is accounted for. These are great for those who want to cover every part of their budget and take on budgeting seriously.

    19. Saving Dollars & Sense Monthly Budget Planner

    This monthly budget will help you have everything in one spot. Minimize your budget work with this one page if you want to keep things simple.

    The straight-forward payout and simple design make this a fit for anyone.

    20. Coupons For Your Family Budget Worksheet

    This monthly budget breaks down the income, debt, expenses and flexible expenses all on one worksheet.

    At the bottom of the page you can see your final numbers after all income and expenses are calculated. This will show you how much cash flow you have for the month and how much money you have to save.

    21. Cute Freebies Monthly Budget Planner

    These pages have fun patterns and provide a calendar monthly budget planner, bills and expenses tracker and pages where you can take notes.

    If you need more pages for other things, they also have free goal planner with more templates.

    22. Just A Girl And Her Blog Budget Binder

    Simple budget binder with many pages for everything you need, this budget binder is one of the best free budgeting binders out there.

    It has a pretty cover page, goal setting sheet, pages to track expenses, and a monthly check-in page that you can use to see how you did at the end of the month.

    23. Sarah Titus Cash Envelope Printables

    Sarah Titus has many beautiful printables that are colorful, fun and helpful.

    These free cash envelope printables can be printed off and used to divide your cash if you want to follow the envelope budgeting system.

    There are also many awesome budgeting printables available for sale on Etsy if you want to find something more specific. Here are some cheap bestseller printables that you might enjoy!

    Digital Downloads on Etsy

    Budgeting Apps

    It is extremely helpful to write things down on paper, however, there are also benefits to keeping track of your budget digitally. If you are looking for the best budgeting apps we have you covered with that as well.

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      Best Free Printable Budget Templates To Budget Your Money Well In 2022